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Which pillow for neck pain.?


More than 25% of people working in a seated position suffer from neck pain  ? With postures becoming more and more static for hours on end, we accumulate continuous tension in our neck and neck . These bad habits can lead to a musculoskeletal disorder or MSD.Here’s how to fix it and avoid neck pain with a suitable bedding accessory like a pillow or cushion.

Neck pain and musculoskeletal disorders

A growing evil.More and more people say they have neck pain. These neck pains are specifically musculoskeletal disorders that are characterized by sharp or throbbing pain in the upper part of your spine.

This pain can extend throughout the back to the base of the skull, at the level of our neck.

What are the triggers for neck pain?

Cervical problems are the result of poor posture for a prolonged period of time, without breaks and without movements to rest the muscles.

This happens especially during sleep , when the sleeper adopts a bad position or when working in front of a computer screen, seated for hours.

As a general rule, it is inactivity or poor posture that leads to muscle tension leading to neck pain.

How to sleep when you have neck pain?

Certain positions undeniably have consequences on the occurrence of neck pain.Here are some tips for sleeping well at night when you have neck pain depending on your sleeping position.If you sleep on your stomach.This is surely the least recommended position for your cervical and for your spine more broadly. This position puts stress on your muscles , joints and your rib cage.

Try sleeping with a light pillow, not too thick, to relieve tension. If possible, opt for a model of memory foam pillow so that it fits the shape of your head and does not force on the points of support.

This is definitely the best position. It aligns your neck and your spine and does not impose any muscular constraint. Everything else in your body is better and evenly supported.

owever, this position is not recommended for snorers and sleepers with sleep apnea.

By sleeping in the fetal position, you also adopt a good posture for your cervical spine.On the other hand, do not forget to put a pillow under your head. A foam model or an ergonomic pillow provides better support.If you alternate the left side and the right side, you optimize the chances of sleeping well and avoiding any neck pain the next morning when you wake up. Finally, avoid sleeping with your arms above your shoulders, as this compresses the nerves and your venous network.

Which pillow to choose when your neck hurts?

Several types of pillows are possible when you have neck pain to sleep better.

The comfort pillow: hollow and silicone filling for better air circulation in the pillow while guaranteeing sufficient swelling.

It is difficult to choose the best pillow to relieve your neck pain . The first thing to take into account is its shape, since it should not be too thick or too thin depending on your sleeping position. Then prefer a rectangular pillow and leave the square pillow to wedge you.Then think about the filling of the pillows according to your preferences (viscoelastic foam, latex, bamboo, memory foam, down, feathers). Finally, a good quality mattress with a protective cover adds significant comfort.

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