makeup for a stylish wedding guest

What makeup for a stylish wedding guest.?


Although you are not the star of the day, you are keen to show off to celebrate a beautiful day. Between the wait in the sun at the entrance to the town hall, the tears of emotion during the exchange of vows, and the glasses of champagne until the early morning, it is in your interest to plan a long-lasting make-up. Let’s dissect in 3 steps, the complexion / the eyes / the lips, what are the points not to skip for a make-up that lasts. For this, we called on 3 brand experts, Julia Marty , Séverine Geultont and Roxane from Mon Mak’up , who take turns answering the most common makeup questions.

How do I prepare my complexion?

For Julia Marty: “  On the wedding day, don’t hydrate your skin too much. A light cream will be enough to wake up your complexion and allow a better hold of the makeup. Séverine G confirms this: moisturizer to optimize hold, appearance and form a protective barrier  .

According to Julia Marty: ”  Prefer a liquid foundation that will let your skin breathe as much as possible and will have a much more natural look! “. Séverine G insists on the natural effect to be preserved: “ Try to unify without putting too much material. To do this, use a water-based liquid foundation and absolutely avoid choosing a foundation that is darker than your skin tone  ”. Finally, Roxane from Mon Mak’up gives us her anti-demarcation tip: ”  Choose a rather fluid but covering foundation that you can stretch well to the neckline to avoid creating a demarcation between the color of the face and the neck color. The product to remember: A water-based foundation

How do I make my foundation last as long as possible?

For Roxane from Mon Mak’up: ”  Apply a mattifying primer before the foundation because in general the guests wait a long time for the bride and if it’s hot outside, she will help you look fresh until ‘early morning ! To this, Julia Marty adds other valuable allies: “  It is best to powder your complexion well , it’s a key step! It will allow your foundation not to move and keep a luminous but not shiny look. Prefer fine white loose powders or a compact powder with a little talc, so that you can powder your nose several times a day without having a mask effect. To finish off your make-up in style, you can also use fixing mists , which will increase the duration of your make-up hold.Products to remember:  The mattifying base + powder + fixing mist combo

How can I highlight my complexion?

In case of surprise guests at the last minute, Roxane reminds us of the secret weapon: “  In case of dark circles, redness, pimples, put concealer to camouflage your imperfections. Keep it in the bag it can always be used during the day! “. For Séverine G, you can give your tan a boost with a little suntan , but be careful: ”  Don’t overuse suntan and don’t skip blush for a guaranteed healthy glow .  ! Finally, for Julia Marty, the complexion step remains the most essential: ”  For a successful make-up, think first of your complexion, it must be fresh. To do this, don’t hesitate to apply a peach or rosé blush to your cheekbones .  »

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