make up black and mixed-race skin for a wedding

How to make up black and mixed-race skin for a wedding.?


My role as a make-up artist is often to reassure future brides . Especially brides with black or mixed skin who are often apprehensive about the rendering of their future makeup: Are you used to black skin? Do you know how to make up dark skin? … These are the questions I am faced with, certainly because of some bad experiences they have already had in the past. Today I’m going to reveal a few tips to sublimate ebony skin .

Know your skin type

ADVERTISING.First of all, you absolutely need to know your skin type: dry, combination or oily, it must know a little complete check up which will allow a better final result on D-Day. Apart from the care, dry skin will choose

Complexion Focus

It must be impeccable and imperatively.Start by doing a test on your cheek: one shade to illuminate and one shade to cover . It is very important to illuminate your face (be careful not to lighten!). Apply your usual foundation then another slightly lighter one and blend it towards the center of your face, this will give a more radiant complexion. I recommend foundations with dominant orange to illuminate your complexion.

Don’t neglect your dark circles

They are often darker than your skin tone. To cover your dark circles, I suggest you use a peach concealer and a yellow-based concealer (but not completely yellow). Then powder your complexion to mattify and make your makeup more durable. Exit the white powders. Opt for “terra cotta” type powders or dark bronzer. Some black skins are more beautiful without blush! If your skin tone is medium, try the blackcurrant blush. For the lighter ones, an “eggplant” or plum tone will be perfect.

Work on the look

Your eyebrows must be perfectly defined, intense and sculpted. They should highlight your look. For your eyes, avoid shades that are too light, iridescent silver. Prefer to highlight your look with a dark brown or black pencil (upper and lower lashes), blend and blur slightly. A touch of highlighter and you’re done! An intense, strong and luminous gaze.

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Photo: NS Photography-Zoom Alliance / Makeup: Ju’lisse hairstyle and make up

The final touch

A touch of coral lipstick or gloss for the lightest lips. Be careful when choosing your illuminator, it should not be too light (avoid champagne shades) but rather golden or ocher.

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