Reasons Homemade

Reasons Homemade bongs are better


Simple household objects may be used to build a DIY bong in no time. Every stoner should be able to create this smoking accessory if only to amaze other stoners.

What Constitutes a Quality Homemade Bong?

With the proper equipment, an excellent DIY bong may be created. Metal and plastic-based fumes are toxic; therefore, avoid using them as your bowl. Ensure the food is fresh if you’re thinking about making a bong out of fruit.

Follow the golden rule: Never smoke from anything you wouldn’t eat.

Fruits that are rotten or mouldy are easy to break apart and can significantly alter the scent as you smoke. Below is a list of hand fuls of the preferred DIY bongs.

Components of a Bong

Before learning how to create your own, you must comprehend how a bong functions. Then become familiar with the components that make them work. A bong is made up of five essential components:

Where the smoke enters to mouth is going through a tube. Tokers refer to it as the neck. The Base From here, water flows. The term “carb” or “carburettor” may sound technical, but it refers to the hole on the side or back where your finger is inserted to control airflow. After which, you can put your favourite cannabis in the bowl. The down stem, a shorter pipe that joins the bowl to the bong’s body, is manufactured at home. The smoke will then ascend through the tube’s path and go to the Base.

Top Homemade Bongs

You already know the components you’ll need for your DIY bong; it’s time to get creative. The four most inventive ideas are shared here.

The Fruit Bong

A homemade fruit or vegetable bong is a staple among stoners. Apples, melons, carrots and potatoes are some of the greatest foods for this strategy. However, feel free to give any other a try as long as it’s new.

The Bottle Bong

The bottle variation of a handmade water bong may be the most well-known. Also fantastic for recycling. All you need is a capless plastic bottle (the bigger the vessel, the bigger the impact), some foil, and a pen.

The Tic Tac Bong

Put this little homemade bong in your drawer for a fast dose. You may use any comparable receiver, even an empty Pringles box, as we demonstrate how to build a tic tac version. For this one, scissors are required because a pen cannot cut through the plastic.

The Gravity Bong

Great scientific method to enjoy a cigarette is with this homemade bong;assemble a container bigger than the scissors,a bottle, a toothpick or needle, aluminium foil, and a plastic bottle and put it together to assemble a gravity bong.

Final Thoughts

If you lose your bong or are out of paper, you may easily make one at home. We hope we’ve inspired you to develop some of your own. Don’t forget to keep the bowl free of plastic and metal, and only use fresh items.

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